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Wheel Alignment



Keep your tires going further, your fuel mileage down, and wear on your car (and arms) at a minimum with a properly aligned car.

Car Mechanic

Auto Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your car, truck, or SUV is essential to keeping it on the road longer and at a lower cost in the long run. Let our experts help you properly maintain your vehicle for longevity!

Car Battery Replacement

Battery & Charging

Batteries, alternators, and the wiring and sensor in between - we'll help keep your vehicle running and starting properly.

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Belts, Hoses, & Filters

Let us help you monitor common items like belts, hoses, and filters, and make sure they're maintained and replaced as needed.

Car Disc Brake


Whether you just need pads & rotors, or you need a brake line or master cylinder, we can keep your braking system road-worthy and keep you and your family safe.

steam coming out from engine bay of a ca

Cooling System

Coolant is what keeps your car from overheating. When you've got a leak, you've got a problem. Water pumps, radiators, thermostats, hoses - we can help with all of them!

Car Mechanic with Scanner


Crazy noises, dying issues, a new shaking at idle, whatever your car is doing, we can help. Schedule your diagnostic today and get answers for your vehicle.

Diesel Fuel

Diesel Vehicles

From cars to medium-duty trucks, we have your diesel covered. We do anything from an oil change on a BMW to NOx sensors on a Sprinter to full engine swaps on a 6.4L.

Drivetrain Under Car


U-joints, transfer cases, CV axles, differentials, you name it. We'll keep your drive train in-line.

Car Electrical


Your car is full of electronics and wiring. Let us hunt down your electrical nightmares to keep your car a dream.

Internal Engine

Engine Repair & Replacement

Whether you have oil leaks, need timing replacement, or need a whole new engine, we have the skills to repair (or replace) your engine.

Exhaust Tip

Exhaust Repair

Flex pipes, mufflers, catalytic converters, you name it we can help keep your car quiet!

Fleet of Cars

Fleet Maintenance

We know your vehicles are what you need to keep your business going. Let us help you keep them going. Oil changes, general repairs, in-depth work, and more, all in one place.

Gas Engines

Fuel Systems

Whether your fuel pump needs replaced, and injector is failing, or even a fuel line is leaking, we can keep your car safe.

Car AC

Heating & Air Conditioning

Whether you want your car to heat up or cool down, we've got your covered. We also work on newer A/C systems with the 1234YF gas!

Oil Filter Change

Oil Changes

We never forget about the little things - including regular oil changes! This routine maintenance can save you thousands down the road. Our oil changes are quick and often can be scheduled the same day!

Start Engine Button


Batteries, starters, wiring, you name it. A lot can cause your car to not start - let us take the guesswork out of it to determine the source of your woes.

Car Steering Wheel


There are several components to steering your vehicle, and we can help maintain and replace them all. From tie rod ends to steering shafts and everything in between, we'll steer you right.

Car Strut Shock Suspension


Whether you're looking for a smoother ride or a safer one, suspension can affect it all. Let us help you keep your suspension top-notch and your ride smooth.

Timing Belt


Did you know your timing belt needs regular replacement to avoid engine damage? We did!

New Tire Balancing


Your tires are what keep you rolling. Regular rotations increase their longevity, while replacement when tread gets low keeps you safe. We carry a variety of tires from economy to brand names.

Flat Bed Tow Truck


We tow all over southern Illinois! We have medium duty rated flat beds and wreckers to help with all sizes of vehicles.

Transmission Shifter

Transmission Replacements

Whether you want a used transmission or a Jasper rebuild, we've got your solution. We also do clutch replacements for our manual drivers!

Spark Plug Tune Up


Regular tune-ups keep your engine running smooth and your fuel efficient. Whether your tune-up includes coils or a distributor and wires, we can get it taken care of.

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