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PMR, is a full service automotive and diesel repair shop offering maintenance and repairs on personal and commercial vehicles, RVs, buses, tractors, and more. Our mechanics are highly skilled and capable of working on all sizes of gas and diesel vehicles, including 6.0 and 6.6 engines. We can perform almost any maintenance or repair from oil changes and tire rotations to engine repair. Our mechanics also have electrical and welding knowledge and are capable of working and most trailers. See what 30+ years of combined mechanical experience can do for you!

Basic 5 qt oil change, tire rotation, and visual inspection - $22*

Basic Synthetic 5 qt oil change, tire rotation, and visual inspection - $38.41*

A/C Recharge w/ Dye - $95 + $15/lb of freon (134A)*

A/C Gauges Check (No Dye or Recharge) - $35

Disc Brakes w/ Rotors Turned - $165/axle*†

Disc Brakes w/ New Rotors - $205-255/axle*†

Basic Diagnostic (30 Min Checkover) - $35

Free check engine light scan


Oil Change

Transmission Work

Engine Rebuilds & Repairs

Check Engine Light Check

Tire Rotation

Brake Line

Rebuilding Differentials

AC Repair

Brake Lathe

Exhaust Repair

Welding Services

Brake Pad Changes


Struts & Shocks


Trailer Wiring


For services not listed, please call 618-998-9010 to ask if we can do it.

Prices may vary among vehicles. Please call for an estimate.

*price does not include tax

†For most vehicles - may vary per vehicle - please call for an estimate

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Gas powered automotive                        Vans

Medium-duty vehicles                              Trailers

Fleet vehicles                                             RVs

Diesel powered automotive                    Limousines

Buses                                                          Foreign vehicles

Sprinter Vans                                             Classic vehicles

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