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Your Car's Dirty Little Secrets

With illness and sanitation on everyone's

mind, we'll bet you're forgetting to sanitize a place you spend lots of time in each day - your car! Sure, you wash it down and vacuum it out, but have you ever gone through and sanitized it? Especially those areas that you are in contact oh so often? Here are a few areas of your car you may be missing during your deep clean:

Steering wheel

Shift knob & track

Seat belt & belt latch

Gas cap

Cup holders

Under and between seats

Radio and temperature control knobs and buttons

Door and window buttons

Door cubbies

Headliner & dome lights



While deep cleaning your car may not always been ideal, it can help with many issues, including the spread of disease, asthma, longevity, and visual appeal. A deep cleaning hitting all of these points about 1-2 times per year can help to keep your car tip-top (and makes it easier when it comes time for resale).

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