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Perfect Timing

Timing Belt

There is an essential component to your engine that you may not have ever even heard of - your timing. Some vehicle are equipped with a heavy chain, others with a simple belt, but all engines need it to run right. So when do you need to be asking your mechanic about timing?

There are several different recommendations for when you should worry about your timing, based on your engine type, timing type, etc. Most vehicle that are equipped with timing belts have a recommendation of changing your timing ever 60-100k miles, whereas timing chains usually do not require replacement until the present an issue or until you need to work in the timing area and the car has higher mileage, such as during a cylinder head replacement or timing cover repair. It is always recommended to check your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance regarding the timing of your vehicle.

Replacing a timing belt on some engines may be more essential than others when it comes to recommended maintenance. Many vehicles now have what is called and interference engine. When timing breaks on this style of engine, especially while the vehicle is moving, a significant amount of damage can be caused which may lead to the required replacement of the cylinder head. Having your timing replaced as scheduled can greatly lower your chances of having the belt break and causing further damage.

It is almost always recommended to have your timing belt replaced if your water pump needs replacement and is driven by timing. Since a timing belt is a rubber component, leaking coolant and water can cause weakness to the belt, causing it to possibly go bad sooner. If your water pump is leaking, your mechanic should be able to tell you if it is driven by timing and will recommend replacing the belt at the same time. It is also recommended for the opposite way - if you are replacing your timing to replace the water pump at the same time. This could end up saving you down the road.

If you have a question about your vehicle’s timing or would like to get a quote for replacement, don’t hesitate to call us today. We’re always here to make sure your car is always in time.

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