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It's Time for a Brake

It’s one of the most essential safety features on your car, and it’s something you use every day without thinking about it. That’s right - your brakes. Your brakes are what keep you from flying through stop lights, from rear ending the slow driver that cut you off, and from flying through the store when you park. But what exactly makes up your brakes?

There are several major components to your braking system, all of which are vital to helping you stop. Your master cylinder if the first step. This is where you fill up with brake fluid and where it all begins. Your brake lines connect to your master cylinder to flow fluid from the cylinder to the calipers on your car. The brake fluid is pressed through the lines when you press on your brake pedal.

The caliper is what holds your brake pads. These calipers have pistons in them that press the brake pads down onto the rotor when the pressure from the fluid is applied. Your brake pads then essentially grab onto your rotor, which is a metal plate that moves with your tire. When the pads grip the rotor, it slows and even stops it, in turn stopping your tire.

It is essentially to have your brakes checked once they begin making noise, and not to wait until you hear grinding. Grinding can mean that your brake pads have worn away and now a metal backing is digging into your rotors to stop you. Besides being a safety hazard if left this way too long, this can also be a costly mistake. The grinding on your rotor can cause uneven wear, requiring you to then replace your rotors.

If you ever have questions about your brakes, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We want you to be safe on the road, which is why we will check your brakes for free! Stop in today or call us for a free estimate on your brakes so that we can keep you safe on the road.

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