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The winter is coming! The winter is coming!

We've been going on about it for almost a month now, but it's no laughing matter - winter really is coming. Is your car prepared for the frigid temperatures? Or have you yet to bring your car in for winterization?


Winterizing your car is very important, especially with the unpredictable weather Southern Illinois can bring. Don't believe us? Just look how this month alone has gone! Being sure your car is prepared for a sudden cold snap can end up saving you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle in the sub-freezing temperatures.

When it's time to have your car winterized, there is a lot we look at to be sure you'll be safe to go. The first thing we want to check is your tires - do they have enough tread? Are they tending to get low fast? Is the traction control and/or 4 wheel drive working properly? Having the right tires can make the difference between coming to a stop at the sign and sliding your way into the street.

Fluids are also very important to check over before winter hits. Your windshield wiper fluid should contain an antifreeze element to keep it from busting tubes and to allow you to still have clear vision in freezing temperatures. Your coolant levels also need to be good and properly mixed. Too much water in the line can lead to freezing, which could cause more damage down the road.

While your car may start great now, it's also important to check that your battery is still good as well as all of the cables going to it. Warm weather can keep a battery alive, but cold weather will take quite a bit out of it. Checking the output of the battery, as well as making sure the connections are good and clean, can help you prevent being stuck in an icy parking lot after work.

Is your car winter ready? We can help make sure you're as prepared as possibly for the cold. Call either of our locations today to schedule an appointment to have your car checked over and winterized!

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