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Open For Business

After three years at our original shop, we are proud to now announce the opening of our second location - PMR of Marion!

Three years ago we opened our doors to provide affordable and honest service to the people of Marion and the Lake of Egypt. It’s been a great three years with more than we ever hoped could happen. We’ve had a lot of great customers, been challenged with some interesting situations, and expanded our shop and services several time to accommodate more and more people. Now, in the nature of our company, we are working to accommodate even more.

It’s been a leap of faith, but we’re proud to have our second location right in Marion. With this new location, we hope to provide convenience to the people of Marion like we do at the Lake of Egypt. We’re still providing the same great, honest service, just with a few new faces at a new location!

We invite you to stop by EITHER of our locations - 4603 Market Rd or 900 E Deyoung - for the service you’ve come to expect from PMR. We look forward to helping you with al of your car needs.

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