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Traveling to the Hub of the Universe - Marion, IL!

Marion, Illinois. Population: about 17,500. Distance from St. Louis: 120 miles. Distance from Chicago: 320 miles. So what on earth could bring you to this part of Illinois? A lot.

Marion is surrounded by many wonders you never knew existed in the great state of Illinois. One quick trip to the southern part of the state could leave you awestruck at what is sitting in your backyard.

Bell Springs Southern Illinois

The nature that surrounds Marion is astounding. Located right at the edge of the Shawnee National Forest and the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge, Marion is a short jog from many hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and other activity locations. Looking for beauty? Check out the waterfalls at Ferne Clyffe! Looking for a good bike ride? See how far you can take the Tunnel Hill Trail. Want to get lost in nature? Check out the awe-inspiring Garden of the Gods. From kayaking among the cypress trees to camping at Crab Orchard Lake, there is no lack of natural beauty and escape surrounding Marion.

Bald Knob Cross Southern Illinois

Are you attracted by attractions? There are plenty of those near Marion as well! A quick drive to Bald Knob Cross will have you inspired. Whether you go for the impressive cross or the amazing view of up to four states, this location is sure to top your list of to-do’s. Is wine more your thing? Surrounding Marion is the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail along with many other small wineries filled with amazing local wines and some of the most picturesque sites. If you’re more of a sports fan, the summer is filled with great baseball games from the Southern Illinois Miners.

HerrinFesta Italiana Southern Illinois

Don’t worry - there are plenty of events to celebrate here in the Hub of the Universe as well! Each year, Marion and the surrounding cities celebrate a wide variety of events. From HerrinFesta Italiana in Herrin to the Cobden Peach Festival to the Hub of the Universe celebration right in the center of Marion, there is always something going on. On almost any given night, there is live music at a variety of locations throughout the area, and local food favorites - such as barbecue from 17th Street and pizza from Walt’s - are being served up.

So why not take the trip to come see Marion, Illinois! While you’re here, don’t let car woes get in your way. Keep PMR on speed dial for roadside assistance throughout Southern Illinois so that you don’t face a travel hiccup.

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