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It's An Oily Situation

It’s a common part of the car that surprisingly few people seem to remember - the oil. That oil keep everything running smooth so you can keep on going. So, how do we determine when it’s time to change your oil? We’re going to give you an inside peek so you know when it’s time to bring your truck or car to PMR.

First, you need to get your car in position. Your car should be resting on a level surface. The car itself should have been turned off for about 10 minutes, giving your oil time to settle so that the reading will be accurate.

Next, you need to locate your dipstick. Ok, you can stop pointing at your friend, now. We mean your OIL dipstick. Each car is different, so you may need to refer to your owner’s manual to figure out where everything is. You know, that gigantic book that came with your car that you tossed in the glovebox and forgot about? It’s coming in handy now!

Pull out your dipstick and, with a lint-free cloth, wipe it clean. On the end of the stick, you’ll see a “min” and “max” marking. Some will say the words, some will have holes, some will have lines, some dents, the list can go on and on. The important thing is you know where these are and what they mean. Dip the stick back into the chute, then pull it back out to see where the oil is on the stick.

If the oil is above the max/full line, you will need your oil drained and redone. Too much oil can be harmful your engine. Having oil too close to or below the minimum marking can be just as bad, as your engine could overheat. You also want to check the appearance of the oil. Is it yellowish? Then the oil should still be OK. If the oil is black, it’s dirty and definitely needs changed.

If you want us to check your oil or if you are in need of an oil change, don’t hesitate to give us a call! You can always bring your car to PMR!

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