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It's Getting Hot in Here

It’s getting to be summer. The breeze is wonderful, the plants are blooming, and it’s just the right temperature to bask in the sun without sweating.

The down side, though? Your car. It has become an oven, and you can’t get in without singeing some part of your body you didn’t know could burn. Even when the temperature is perfect - 70 degrees and sunny - your car can reach a scorching 115 degrees in only one hour thanks to all of the glass on it! So how can you make your car drivable all summer long? Here are a few tips:

  1. Invest in a sun shade. Not only does a windshield sun shade keep your car cooler by blocking the sun from one of the largest glass surfaces on your car, it also helps to protect your surfaces from “sun fading” (when your surfaces fade to a lighter color because of the sun exposure they get).

  2. Purchase covers. For your steering wheel, for your seat (if it’s leather or pleather), and for your seat belt. While the surfaces will still be quite hot, this can help to take a lot of the sting out of getting in, starting, and initially driving your vehicle.

  3. Park in the shade. Ok, so this one isn’t always available, but if you can, it is worth it to try to find that shady spot, even if it is a few more feet from the entrance. Parking in the shade avoids direct sunlight, therefore lowering the car temperature.

  4. Crack your windows. If you’re not in the car and you’re in a secure spot that you know, crack the windows a bit. Don’t open them so much that someone can easily reach in, but even a little bit of airflow from a small opening can make a huge difference.

  5. Recharge your AC. Have you realized that turning on your air conditioner only blows mildly cold or - even worse - hot air? It may be time to stop by to see your mechanic! Ask your mechanic if he works on AC or if he can recommend someone who can take a look and get it repaired so that your car blows cold again!

Always remember - no matter how long you plan to be away from your car, even if it is less than five minutes, do not leave children or pets in the car. Your vehicle will heat up much faster than you can imagine, and leaving the windows down does not guarantee it will stay cool enough to keep them safe.

So go out this summer, enjoy a drive, and keep your cool with these awesome driving tips!

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